My Woodworking Path...

In the last six years, my path to a career as a woodworker has taken me through many experiences.  What started as an interest, turned into a hobby and progressed into a career.

Residing in Ottawa and originally from the town of Aylmer, Quebec, I spent a number of years in the hotel industry. Just after Christmas of 1998, I decided a change was in order. I packed my bags and headed to Calgary for a fresh start. After further trials and tribulations in hotel management, I got my feet on solid ground and made a career change to woodworking.

Through different experiences at different shops, I decided the way for me to go was to open my own shop and do my own thing. With equal passions in cooking and fishing, I wanted to pull all three together and ended up with custom cooking utensils and handmade fishing gear.

As a woodworker, I am drawn to the natural beauty of wood. Creating something as simple as a spoon lets me exercise my skills while maintaining and enhancing the look of the material.

The utensils and cutting boards are my own design and are built to meet my specific cooking needs and hopefully yours as well. However I am always open to further designs & suggestions.

I have not looked back since I started and now I enjoy the freedom of my schedule and look forward to spending as much time as I can with my wife Claudia, our son Mathias and our daughter Emma.


Sean de Carle

Founder of SDC Fine Woodworking