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"Sean's collection of handcrafted spoons and kitchen tools have that rare combination of artistic beauty and detailed craftsmanship that make them more than just spoons and kitchen tools. They're art and every time I use them they add a special touch to my cooking!"

Cheers, Michael

Chef Michael Smith
Did you eat your whole grains today?

Food TV Host, Author, Restaurateur and Chef Extraordinaire.


"Thanks so much for the collection of beautiful wooden spoons. I think they're fabulous.  I particularly love how smooth the surface is.  I look forward to using them in my cooking, although I'm hesitant to get them dirty.  Do you make cutting boards? If there's anyway I can use your product or think of any cross promotion, I'll give you a shout."

My best, Chef Christine Cushing

 Food TV Host, Author & Accomplished Chef


"They are truly beautiful and I am very honoured that you sent them to me. Thank you very much! ... Should I madly make some coffee, stir-fry something, serve a pie, toss some salad, stir some polenta ... and test them out, do you think?  I am happy to say they are remarkable and beautifully made and that every enthusiastic cook should be lucky enough to have a set of these in their kitchen.

Again, thank-you!"
Kate Zimmerman 

Vancouver-based journalist, best known for lively features and incisive humour columns for newspapers and magazines.